How to set up your TIG torch

TIG torches come in a variety of different styles and functions. One such variable is if the TIG torch has a power adjustment of some sort on the handle or if it is just a straight torch. Having an adjustment available on the torch in the way of a button or a dial means that … Read more

Flux core welding tips-beginner guide

flux core welding tips

Today I am going to explain some important flux core welding tips. Here, I will explain some of the basic setup and Flux core welding tips. you may understand here, how you can weld with the flux core welding machine by horizontal, vertical, and overhead positions. What is flux core arc welding Flux-cored arc welding … Read more

How to weld aluminum with MIG or TIG Welder

How to weld aluminum with MIG

Learning how to weld aluminum may be hard because it is more challenging to use than steel. Why do we would like to utilize aluminum anyways? Well, aluminum doesn’t break even after turning rock-solid. Whether it’s metals that are non-heat-treatable such as those containing a small quantity of manganese (Mn) or magnesium (Mg), or heat-treatable … Read more

How to clean a MIG welder liner

How to clean a mig welder liner

What is a welding liner? The welder liner is a simple but one of the most important components of a MIG welder gun. Its primary role is to guide the welding wire from the wire feeds via the gun cable to the contact metal tip of the gun. Welding liners ensure that the wire moves … Read more