best Magnetic Welding Ground Clamp

5 best Magnetic Welding Ground Clamp

Today we discuss best Magnetic Welding Ground Clamp. Welding can be a dangerous activity, but it’s necessary for many projects. One way to make welding safer is to use a magnetic welding ground clamp. This handy tool attaches to the workpiece and provides a connection point for the welding electrode. It keeps the sparks and heats away from you and your project, making welding easier and safer. Check out our selection of magnetic welding ground clamps and find the perfect one for your needs!

5 best Magnetic Welding Ground Clamp

  • Tweco Switchable Magnetic Ground Welding Clamp
  • ANER Magnetic Ground Welding Clamp
  • Tookie Welding Ground Clamp
  • Magswitch 8100747-600 Amp Ground Clamp
  • Hynade Welding Magnetic Ground Clamp

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1. Tweco Switchable Magnetic Ground Welding Clamp:

Tweco 9255-1061 Switchable Magnetic Ground Welding Clamp, 300-Amp, This can be used to weld metal that is not grounded. You can use this in two ways, but it only works if the object you are trying to weld is magnetic. When you use it as a ground clamp device around the pipe and flat applications, or with any large magnetic base metal, the welding magnet will always connect to the metal being welded for electrical ground.

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You will want to turn off the magnetic function when releasing it by turning the knob clockwise so that you do not accidentally hold on to anything else nearby. The Tweco SM Series Ground Clamps are designed with a long-lasting rugged design that makes them reliable and simple

Item Dimensions LxWxH2.8 x 4.3 x 6.3 inches
Installation Method‎Mig-welding
Item Weight0.85 Pounds
Batteries Included?‎No

2. ANER Magnetic Ground Welding Clamp :

The 200A Magnetic Welding Ground Clamp is a good tool. The clamp is made of high-quality iron and it will last a long time. The magnet pulls 30 kg and can be used to hold both flat and round things. It is easy to connect the ground wire from the welding machine to it. You just need to place it on something that is clean and turn it on, then start welding. It stays clean because the magnetic field turns off completely when you turn off the switch on top of this clamp.

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This welding ground clamp can be used on flat or round surfaces easily. You can turn the power on and off with the control, which is convenient. When you use this, it will make metal dust fall off without cleaning, so there is no need to clean up. This clamp is for welding metals only so do not use it for anything else.

Item Dimensions LxWxH12.6 x 3.94 x 3.15 inches
Pull Force30 kg
Item Weight0.01 Kilograms

3. Tookie Welding Ground Clamp :

Welding Ground Clamp, Magnetic Small Iron 200A Machine Welding Ground Clamp Holder Adjustable Tool. The clamp is strong and can ground both flat or round surfaces. This clamp will work on many different surfaces, so it is easy to use.

It sets up quickly which makes it useful for when you are working on something fast. This product will help you ground your welding machine wire which will give you an electric current that sparks the metal you are using to weld with. It has a strong grip on flat or round surfaces. The strength and hardness are high, so it will last for use.

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When you turn it on, the magnetic field turns off completely so it won’t get dirty. Place this product on a clean surface and turn it on before starting to weld with it.

MaterialNot null
Item Dimensions LxWxH2.95 x 2.95 x 0.51 inches
ColorAs Picture Show
Item Weight0.17 Kilograms

4. Magswitch 8100747-600 Amp Ground Clamp:

Magswitch 8100747-600 Amp Ground Clamp, All new fin design lowers the temperature by almost 27 percent stronger hold in shear (vertical) position allows for use with heavy gauge ground cable.No more tacking on tabs and searching for ground location fast Setup, grounds instantly, Magswitch ON/OFF Magnetic Ground clams let welders quickly set up, weld and move on to the next job. Simply place it on a clean work surface, turn it on, and start welding. The instant ground on flat or pipe.

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Item Dimensions LxWxH4.2 x 3.1 x 2.6 inches
Item Weight1.8 Pounds

5. Hynade Welding Magnetic Ground Clamp:

This magnetic head-ground clamp is easy for you to use. It is attached easily to any smooth metal surface, flat or curved. The clamp can also be attached to metal poles, struts, railings, or the welding table. Make sure that you are using a wire with copper at 200A and refined conductive rods that are safe for high currents.

This will make the product durable and give it good insulation protection. The ground clamp has two washers on each side of the screw which makes it stronger and thicker nuts on the end of the screws which will make them more hardened and last longer. You can use this ground mount anywhere in seconds because it is easy to set up

Hynade Welding Magnetic Ground...

product Specification:

MaterialCopper / Insulation Board
Magnetic Disc Diameterapprox. 31mm
Conductive Rod Dimensions65 x 10 mm
Package included1 x Welding Ground Clamp
Item Weight‎6.4 ounces

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