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Flux core welding tips-beginner guide

Today I am going to explain some important flux core welding tips. Here, I will explain some of the basic setup and Flux core welding tips. you may understand here, how you can weld with the flux core welding machine by horizontal, vertical, and overhead positions.

What is flux core arc welding

Flux-cored arc welding or tubular electrode welding has developed in the MIG welding procedure to improve arc action, metal transport, weld metal properties, and weld appearance. It’s an arc welding process where the heat for welding is offered by an arc between a constantly fed tubular electrode cable and the workpiece.

One of the greatest points about this system is it does not need an additional gas distribution as the MIG welding does. The logic of it is, the wire contains a cavity and onto the inner part of the wire, there is a flux, which response together with the weld pool. It is also comfortable for outdoor welding, particularly when you need the Mig.

Flux core welding tips & tricks


Remember one thing that whatever you weld, your safety is first. Before you start, make sure you are using the proper safety materials like welding helmet, gloves, jacket, welding boots etc in order to prevent any harms.

Because the flux core welder creates more spatters and UV lights, so always wear a sleeved jacket. So, safety measures always come first. Also make sure that any potential fire materials are taken off the welding area.

Metal preparation and cleanliness

Flux-cored welding is much more conducive to surface contamination compared to MIG welding. However, it’s almost always a good idea to wash out the surface of the bottom metals as thoroughly as possible to be certain a rusty or scaly surface doesn’t contaminate the final weld. A metallic grinder or brush work well for cleaning the base metals.

In addition, be sure to wash out the part of the bottom metal where the ground clamp is going to soon be attached. Inadequate contact with the bottom clamp will produce resistance from the welding circuit and may cause poor weld quality. So always nicely equip the welding spot, whether it is a table or ground.

Wire stick-out

Stick out is known as the range of electrode spreading from the contact tip. It does not involve the arc length. Usually, the sickout of flux core welding is ¾ inch, which is opposite to Mig welding.

Prepare the equipment

There are lot of things to consider when the topic comes about preparing the equipment. First of all, you need to think about the filler rod as well as cable spool and the contact tip. Look at the contact tip, is it quite ok or have some burn or damage signs. If anything found confusing, then replace the tip before continuing to the drive roll.

Selecting the Proper wire feed

For a proper and danger free welding, you should keep in mind the proper diameter of the wire. Just remember that it also varies according to the thickness of your welding object and what type of metal you are welding. The diameter is not the same for aluminium & steel. For light steel, it should be .23 inches. In order to get plain feed through the spool always use knurled drive feed.

Right setting of the current

Different types of metal require a different amount of current and heat settings. In order to get the desired outcome, use the appropriate voltage and amperage settings. Do the same thing for the wire feeding rate. The wire feeding needs a higher speed if the amperage is high, depending on separate tasks.

Choose the right Angle

Separate welding angles need separate dragging approach and handling procedure together with flux core welders. In most of the situation, using a flux core welder, you pull the gun backward rather than driving it forward.

Using a standard flat weld, then you keep up the gun at 90° of angle to the workpiece and approximately 10° tilt to the back. For lap joints, angle the gun within 60° to 90°to flow the heat into the bottom metals, and for vertical joints, consider the amperage and voltage lowering down about 10° to 15° with roughly 10% reduced power setting.

Cleaning the wastage

After completing your welding task, clean out the garbages burn out from the wire’s flux. You can use a wire brush to clean out thoroughly.

Some advantages of Flux core welding

  • Flux core welding procedure includes a faster operation time for the reason that it generates a high degree of heat and provides you greater penetration.
  • It gives you better portability option contrary to Mig welding because of shielded gas
  • Since it does not require any gas, so your production cost becomes cheaper
  • With the flux core welding method, you can use it outdoor just because of self-shielded.


Flux core welding machine can give you a lot of advantages than Miig welder other welding machines. It is very convenient to use especially for its portability and smooth welds. 

So you got a better idea about flux core welding now. As a newbie or pro, this flux core welding tips will help you to get the best usage and the best outcome of it. But, always remember about welding security & safety, particularly with flux core welding. You must be sure that you’re taking the perfect security measures before you start your welding project.

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