how to set up a plasma cutter

How to set up a plasma cutter

Whoever has used a plasma cutter understands that you simply can’t only plug it in and begin using it. You’ll find a number of certain steps that you need to follow to put this up prior utilize. So if you are searching for how to set up a plasma cutter or how to use a plasma cutter, this article is for you.

The installation instructions can be a handful, but we are here to simplify and deliver them to you personally in an extremely simple way.
And the first point that you ought to know is that consistently attempt to proceed from the documentation that comes with your apparatus.

This really is a comprehensive guide on how best to establish a plasma cutter to get those precision cuts moving.

What Is a Plasma Cutter

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Generally, a plasma cutter is a cutting device that is normally used to cut any kind of metal within a short time. It can easily cut aluminum, steel, brass, copper, and others. It creates a high-temperature electrical source of ionized gas and cuts the metals. There are different types and sizes of plasma cutters available in the market. You will see this tool most of the time in automobile repair shops, fabrication shops, and in construction firms. Some of the models are really fit for hobbyist users.

The low cost and high-speed technology made the plasma cutter a very convenient and useful tool. You can operate it either in any industrial appliance or in a small shop.

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What is a plasma cutter used for

Hobbyists and designers use them to cut out various shapes and layouts of metal which are subsequently combined to make art. Automobile repair shops, salvage yards, and building sites frequently utilized plasma cutters to demand cut sheets of alloy.

Based on the consumer’s experience, along with the particular cutter suggestion used, very nice and precise cuts can be created. Here are some common uses of plasma cutters.


Metalwork artists use a plasma cutter to cut complex shapes within a very short time. The extent of the element is feasible as a result of plasma cutters’ reduction alongside finely drawn strains without the surplus warmth that warps skinny metals and solely a very small reduced width. A plasma cutter can also create fanciful sculptures that look great.

Commercial work

Commercial workers as well as contractors use the plasma cutter in their working place to reduce their costs. The welding professionals use plasma cutters to cut different inches of steel or aluminum. But for this task, the plasma cutter must be up to the mark.

CNC Plasma Cutting

A computer numerical control (CNC) plasma cutter is an automated control of a plasma torch used to cut lines of metals without any flaw. By this method, you can even cut a thick piece of metal. Although It is a very complex method, you can do any complex cuts faster and more accurately than doing in hands.

Car/ bike or other repairing

Automotive and motorbike lovers/builders, both for enterprise or private use, could make critical steel enhancements for their automobiles with a plasma cutter. Nearly experts in repairing can also fix lawnmowers, gutters, chain-link fences, barbecues, and more with the help of this device.

How to set up a plasma cutter

Setup a plasma cutter for the first time could be a stressful task, especially who have no previous experience with this tool. So the first thing we must say is that you go through the user manual supplied with the device to familiarize yourself. You need to get a better idea about the fundamental components, the capacity of the machine, and so on. Because All these factors may defer from machine to machine.

Steps to follow to set up a plasma cutter

Setup a perfect working place

You can set up your plasma cutter in a clean and dry environment to get the best result. The best place is a bench like the given picture.

Plasma cutter bench

Now place a flat metal on the surface of the bench and make sure the free movement. Always use the metal clamp to fix it on the surface.

Connect the power

Make sure the machine is switched off before the initial setup. Now power on the switch. After installing the torch properly, attach a cooling fan so that the metal piece can be cooled quickly after performing your cut.

Verify your torch and make sure that it’s straight to the slicing desk. This can give you the cleanest cuts of the least movement. If you wish to guarantee the standard of your product, then this might be essential to your success.

Install the air compressor

The Air compressor helps to keep the flow of plasma at high pressure. Connect an external air compressor with your plasma cutter. Make sure the flanges are installed properly. This will ensure the exactness and quality of the cutting.

Attach Ground Clamp

Place the metal piece on the bench and make sure that it is fixed with the position. Attach the base clamp with the metal piece properly.

Select the proper Amperage

Power on the plasma cutter and set the current based on the thickness of the metal you are going to cut. Higher or thick metals require high amperage. The average is 25 amperes for a 20- millimeter metal. You can even keep the same amperage by adjusting the speed of the torch.

Adapt the Nozzle

Fix the height of the Nozzle properly just because it can make an enormous distinction in your cuts. So, if huge deference in nozzle hight, then you will never get an accurate cut.

Start your cutting

Before starting your project, do some trial to check the accurate flow of electricity and the hight of the nozzle. Now press the trigger of the handle to start cutting. By pressing the trigger, it will flash the arc and start to cut.

Wrapping up all things with safety

You must take your safety measures first. So always use gloves, a helmet, or any other safety outfit necessary for your safety. You can check this link to buy the cheapest helmet.

After finishing your cutting task, it will take some time to cool down the torch. Now, disconnect the power and airflow carefully. To avoid an accident use the cutter very cautiously.

Disconnect the metallic clamp and wrap up the hoses, the torch, and other necessary things.


So, how to set up a plasma cutter to cut metals is not as difficult as you were thinking earlier.

Working with a plasma cutter can save a lot of time and effort if you properly set up and use it. So hope this article will clear any of your confusion while setting up a plasma cutter.


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