Plasma Torch PT-31 16ft reviews

Plasma Torch PT-31 16ft reviews

Today we are here with Plasma Torch PT-31 16ft reviews. The Plasma Torch PT-31 16ft is a great addition to any welding shop. It has the ability to cut through steel up to an inch thick, making it perfect for even the toughest jobs. The machine operates on 110 volts of power and can be used indoors or outdoors.

Plasma cutting tools can cut through metal quickly. You need to use it with an air compressor that has the right pressure, and you need to keep the pressure in the tank for a long time. It needs gas to make sparks come out of this tool. This torch can work with ESAB/ L-TEC PT-31, JG-40, and WSD-LG40 Cutting torches, which is very useful when working on different jobs.

Plasma Torch PT-31 16ft for Plasma...
  • Work with CUT40,CUT50 PT-31...
  • Standard length: 16ft.Air...
  • High Quality Plasma Cutting...

Plasma Torch PT-31 16ft reviews:

Plasma torch PT-31 is a cutting tool. It has an air pressure of 4.5-5.5 bar and will work 60% of the time with 30A HF Ignition, easy to start the arc, post flow 40sec suggested, high-quality Plasma Cutting Torch PT31, Flex, and Durable Neck.

The electrode can be replaced easily when needed or broken during use. This torch comes complete with one set of consumables (1 electrode, 1 nozzle, 1 cup), which are included in the price).

Part Number‎KP-PT31-US
Item Weight‎3.54 pounds
Package Dimensions‎13.15 x 13.11 x 2.4 inches
Style‎PT31 Torch
Plasma Torch PT-31 16ft reviews
Plasma Torch PT-31 16ft reviews

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