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how to do welding in outer space

Today we know how to do welding in outer space. The International Space Station is permanently manned by astronauts, who spend their days completing various experiments and tasks. These tasks include everything from scientific research to repairing the station itself. Recently, NASA has been experimenting with welding in space for future missions to Mars and beyond. To learn more about how they’re doing this, keep reading!

The science behind welding in outer space:

The International Space Station has an onboard welding rig. Astronauts weld to certify pressure suits, equipment components, the ISS itself — the list goes on and on. They keep a wide range of various metals stocked on-board for this purpose, such as Titanium and stainless steel. This machine is so awesome because it can fuse metal together even in zero gravity!

This process would require the use of an exothermic torch, which is different from a plasma cutter or laser cutter used in most projects. The best way to do it would be with an oxygen-acetylene torch that has been designed to resist the extreme temperatures and pressures created when working in space.

To construct anything you need mostly steel – most likely 4140 steel thickness of 0.250-inch thick plate will work well for what you are constructing – all welds should be done with 4043-rod size 4 inches long x 3/32 rod diameter wire electrode.

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